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Nationbright Industries is a name to reckon with in the production of seal and swing tag labels. In the fashion jewelry wholesale business since 1994, we have been extending 15 years of quality service to our clientele to diverse fields of business like garments, opticals, watches, bags and many more.

Our services are broadly divided into label, packaging and accessories. To meet the specific, customized requirements of our clients, we believe in experimenting and innovating. To help us achieve that creative and qualitative excellence, we have access to the latest, state of the art technology and production management. We experiment with new materials, form innovative combinations of materials to create labels and accessories of superior quality and package products with reliable delivery. Nationbright Industries is also one of the reputed fashion jewelry exporters in the market.

This website is a professional information guide on seal and swing tag design. Seal and swing tag design is developing into an indispensable part of the designing and branding process. Even though it does not fall under active marketing, brand communication is unique through seal and swing tags. However, competition is great in this business as in any other.

This website provides a detailed research on seal and swing tags to help a buyer or designer know more about them. Through this website, you gather information about:

a. Most of the possible materials for seal and swing tag
b. Most of the possible colour combination for seal and swing tag
c. Most of the possible ways of material combination for seal and swing tag
d. Application of seal and swing tag
e. Most of the production techniques for seal and swing tag
f. Most of the production process in animation for seal and swing tag
g. Detail description for the character of each seal and swing tag
h. Detail diagram to show the construction of each seal and swing tag

We hope to answer all popular queries on seal and swing tags. We hope that you benefit by them.

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Definition of Seal/Swing tag:

A Seal/Swing tag is a die or signet having a raised or incised emblem used to stamp an impression on a substance that is receptive,like lead or wax.

Origin and Development of Seal and Swing Tags:

The idea of Seal and swing tags is taken from the ancient practice of sealing important documents with wax emblem.
Today, a variety of materials are used for the seal and swing tags, like plastic, aluminum, rubber, lead and PVC.
These seal and swing tags are widely used in numerous business sectors like, clothing, watch, optical, liquor. These tags are seen as a symbol of prestige for the respective companies.

Seal/Swing tag is also known as:

Seal tag, security seal, prestige seal, security lock, hang tag, suspended label, hanging tag, hanging label, swinging tag and swinging label.

Utility of the Seal/Swing Tags:

Seal/Swing tags are an important part of passive marketing. They are attached to the product and helps in its image enhancement and to attract attention of the customers.

The seal/swing tag is used:

- To identify the brand name of the product.

- As an anti-counterfeit tool to safeguard the brand name and product to which it is attached, thereby protecting the interests of the company that manufactures the product.

- Anti-theft chips contained in some of these seal/swing tags help the alarm system to respond in case of theft.

The seal/swing tags normally hang from the buttonhole of the clothing along with a swing ticket. The seal tag locks the ticket and this prevents it from falling down.

Classification of seal / swing tag in production process:
1. injection moulded seal / swing tag
2. micro injected seal / swing tag
3. epoxy seal / swing tag
4. die casted seal / swing tag
5. press and folded seal / swing tag

Classification of seal / swing tag in material:
1. plastic seal / swing tag
2. aluminum seal / swing tag
3. soft pvc seal / swing tag
4. rubber coated seal / swing tag
5. lead seal / swing tag
6. pewter seal / swing tag
7. alloy seal / swing tag
8. resin seal / swing tag

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